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Monica's film reel (2007)
Halloween 2008 in Los Angeles
Talking about Labou
The Guild web series commercial
Monica was born April 11, 1984 in Lakeland, FL. At the age of 3 her family moved to the small Land
O' Lakes ("Yes, like the butter but that's not were they make it"). She would play capture-the-flag
with her friends late into the evening and her favorite show was Rainbow Bright.

When Monica was 12 she went to an improv summer camp with her best friend and it was then
she realized she wanted to act for the rest of her life. In the 9th grade she got her first role
playing Rebecca Gibbs in Our Town.

In 2005, Monica played 'Z' on
Power Rangers S.P.D. She enjoyed the role a lot and has said the
two are much alike. After the show she had several various roles, mostly appearing in short films
and web videos. She is close with S.P.D. Executive Producer Greg Aronowitz and has been in two
of his films -  
Labou and Battle Planet (in which she played the main character, an alien named
Jun'hee). Monica had wanted to try playing an alien in S.P.D. but it didn't work out.

She also enjoys working as a hairstylist, spending time with friends and just living life. Monica is
currentley a professional burlesque dancer around the L.A. area and goes by
Miss May.
Photoshoot image by Jed